Brush Creek Ranch Featured in Big Sky Journal: Feasts and Fishing

Brush Creek Ranch is thrilled to be featured in Big Sky Journal’s 2013 Fly Fishing issue.

Feasts and Fishing

By: Kimberley K. Yablonski

THE DUST FROM THE SUN-BAKED GRAVEL ROAD SWIRLS UP AROUND THE TIRES AS JOSH SLAMS ON THE BRAKES. The truck comes to a rest on the one-lane trestle bridge. He jumps from the driver’s seat and hops up on the iron railing.

“There’s a trout, right there, feeding,” he exclaims with the unbridled enthusiasm akin to a young boy or, in his case, a seasoned fisherman. “Do you see it?” I do. The trout ambles through the clear, calm water. We continue to watch as the impressive rainbow chases off some smaller fish and continues to feed on all the Upper North Platte River has to offer. No hiding in the shadows for this guy.

Josh Graffam is activities director for The Lodge and Spa at Brush Creek Ranch, a 15,000 acre spread near Saratoga, Wyo., in south-central Wyoming’s North Platte River Valley. Don’t let the “spa” part of the name taint your impression. While the ranch is refined rustic perfection, no outdoor adventurer’s desire is left unfulfilled. The staff is just as obliging to those who choose waders over yoga mats. With gourmet meals and high-end accommodations, equal attention is paid to all things outdoors.

Our first evening, we are dining creekside. Greeted with a refreshing Blueberry Lemonade cocktail made with Citron Vodka, we sit at linen-clad picnic tables that encircle a roaring bonfire. Local musicians play lively tunes accompanied by the soothing babble of Brush Creek as it flows by. Kids toss pebbles as they await dinner. The casual meal begins with yellowfin tuna ceviche shooters topped with avocado cream and radish sprouts. Dining in nature does not limit the selections. Beer-can chicken, a prime rib carving station and grilled Scottish salmon (flown in fresh overnight) are offered up with campfire potatoes. Butter rolls off chins as we sink into juicy bites of sweet corn on the cob. We are full and sleepy; our beds beckon as we anticipate the fishing to come….

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